Introducing Compliance Reward

Combining Patient

Adherence, Profitability

And Loyalty

state of the art patient security and blockchain based micro-payments using Ethereum's ERC20 Protocol

Medication Adherence

Rewarding patients for their ongoing engagement and routine filling is our primary goal.

Digital Education

Compliance Reward helps teach patients about their health issues and how to live a healthier life. Incentives drive this practice through micropayments.

Proactive Advisories

Timeline driven patient-focused statements to ensure each person receives the appropriate care and meets their related needs.

Compliance Reward

A Truly unique application

The Compliance Reward ecosystem is designed with patients, physicians, and pharmacies in mind.

  • Patient Rewards System
  • Improve Compliance And Adherence
  • State of the art patient security using blockchain technology
  • Micropayments for performing activities
  • Enhance loyalty to participating pharmacies
  • Powered by VegaWallet's Ethereum ERC20 Token: VGW
  • Simple user experience for engaging all age groups

REWARDS Patients

To Improve Their medication compliance

Compliance Reward uses ERC20 (Ethereum) blockchain to secure and convey delivery of our rewards for our users. Patients and medications are granted access to our service by invitation only through participating COMPLIANCE REWARD pharmacies.